“SOUNDTRACKS FOR IDEAL MOVIES”- 14 distinguished soloists perform music by K. Grigoreas

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“…Inspired, imaginative works, images with colour, with light. Refined, ingenious, poetic sounds…”
Evang. Assimakopoulos, TaR

“…Both as a guitarist and a composer, Kostas Grigoreas is one of the most serious figures in the field of classical guitar…”
Hubert Kappel, soloist
“… Kostas Grigoreas’ music transports me to another world through idioms formed out of knowledge and sensibility…”
Notis Mavroudis, Athens 984
“…Kostas Grigoreas’ music has a distinctive voice of its own…” Carlos Bonell, soloist

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“…His experience as a top guitarist leads things further to the adventure of total communication. To “his” music, the composer can express the soul of the guitarist himself. He finds ways to penetrate the emotion and trigger the body of the listener…”
Effie Agrafioti, soloist, TaR magazine

“…As a composer, Grigoreas is characterized by perfect balance and a combination of vision and ingenuity… As a soloist, he held us spellbound with the nobility of sound, the plasticity of phrasing and rhythm, and a wealth of fine shades of expression…”   George Leotsakos, Express

Kostas Grigoréas (Gree-go-ré-as), an eminent member of the Greek guitar fraternity, holds a special place in the field of Greek music as a classical guitar soloist with a brilliant career spanning over thirty years, as well as a collaborator of important Greek composers and singers in concerts and recordings.
A composer ‘of rich vision’ (according to top music critic George Leotsakos), he has contributed a substantial oeuvre to the repertoire of Greek instrumental music.
As a teacher, following the great tradition of Greek guitar virtuosi, he has created a school of distinguished musicians.


TaR «μουσικό διαδικτυακό περιοδικό, με αφορμή την κιθάρα»
Kostas Grigoreas, together with Notis Mavroudis publishes the online musical magazine
[ TaR – mostly on the guitar ]