“Night Talk” by Kostas Grigoreas – H. Lambrakis (ney), V. Tzavaras (el. guit.), K. Grigoreas (cl. guit.) – Video-art by Gloworm

Edited to Kostas Grigoreas’ composition “Night Talk”. 
Harris Lambrakis (ney), Vassilis Tzavaras (electric guitar), Kostas Grigoreas (classical guitar).
Video-art by Gloworm.

Grigoreas: PREVEZA for guitar ensemble

Work composed by Kostas Grigoreas for the students’ guitar ensemble of the PREVEZA MUSIC DAYS 2013 summer school
Ensemble teacher & conductor: Nikos Drelas
The Guitarists (left to right): Yorgos Androulakis, Yorgos Athanassiou, Stavros Koudounas, Sara Heider, Dimitris Tsaparas, Katerina Fatourou, Marietta Martaki, Irene Kampouraki, Dinos Giannakos, Odysseas Patounas
Festival organized by Polyrythmia Concervatory of Preveza-Greece.

New Cd!

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“…Inspired, imaginative works, images with colour, with light. Refined, ingenious, poetic sounds…”
Evang. Assimakopoulos, TaR

“…Both as a guitarist and a composer, Kostas Grigoreas is one of the most serious figures in the field of classical guitar…”
Hubert Kappel, soloist
“… Kostas Grigoreas’ music transports me to another world through idioms formed out of knowledge and sensibility…”
Notis Mavroudis, Athens 984
“…Kostas Grigoreas’ music has a distinctive voice of its own…” Carlos Bonell, soloist

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“…As a composer, Grigoreas is characterized by perfect balance and a combination of vision and ingenuity… As a soloist, he held us spellbound with the nobility of sound, the plasticity of phrasing and rhythm, and a wealth of fine shades of expression…”   George Leotsakos, Express