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Download Sheet-Music of his works from:

[2021] “Kostas Grigoreas Plays Manos Hadjidakis”
(Album / 18 guitar arrangements by Tassos Karakatsanis & 3 arrangements by Kostas Grigoreas)

[2020] ” Grigoreas plays Britten: Nocturnal, after John Dowland”
(Extended-Play Album / Kostas Grigoreas plays Britten’s “Nocturnal after John Dowland, Op. 70”, a musical masterpiece of the 20th century.)

[2016] “Kostas Grigoreas: Recording Guitarist”
(Album / Studio recordings, of works by Greek and Latin American composers)

[2018] “Katerina Ktona plays Kostas Grigoreas’ harpsichord music”
(Extended-Play Album / Kostas Grigoreas’ harpsichord music)

[2013] “Soundtracks for Ideal Movies”
(Album / Grigoreas’ compositions for small music groups, performed by various distinguished musicians)

[2007] “Kostas Grigoreas Plays Kyriakos Tzortzinakis”
(Album / Guitar music by Tzortzinakis / Rare recordings of the composer are also included)

[2004] “Guitar in the Greek Mode”
(Album / Grigoreas’ guitar compositions, performed by the composer)

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